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With ARK digital, innovators can get the help they need to take their idea from conception to success.

Whether you're an entrepreneur who needs a digital partner or your company is looking to organize and connect data structures, we'll make all the necessary connections so long-term success will be as easy as hitting enter!

Our team is well-suited for retail, subscription based businesses and service companies like real estate, finance, construction etc.


How it works

The first thing we do is conduct in-depth research to find out what aspects of your industry are going well, and which ones need improvement. Next, we look for any opportunities that will help you take the lead on competitors with our creative ideas or strategic marketing choices.

We work with you to integrate new features into your existing system, or set up a whole brand-new one if that's what it needs. Whether we're enhancing an old website and CRM, setting up user portals for easier customer service interactions online--or creating all of these things from scratch together; we're here to make sure it goes smoothly every step of the way!

User Portals
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Sales Funnels & Payment Flow

 what's Business 2.0?

OUR Vision

We used to work for the biggest payment processing company in the US. At ARK digital, we believe that companies are successful when customers love to buy from them and employees love their jobs. These benchmarks include: great products or services, fast customer support with friendly agents (or people), community involvement and continuous innovation in the form of new features for existing products and/or brand-new ones!

The Problem

Amazon and other big box stores have the upper hand over smaller businesses, as they set standards for how customers interact with businesses. This was a problem in 2020 because small businesses were not ready to do business in this new era of e-commerce and digital integration during the pandemic. The world is changing and business is evolving for a new type of customer and new business interactions.

The Solution

It's not at all bleak though. The digital tools that these big companies use are accessible by smaller businesses when they work with us. That's why we're building a community that fights back by providing you, your customers and your employees with an undeniably better experience than what these giants offer. Join us in our battle to do better business!

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